The Intent Flow Details tab displays basic information about a selected Flow and enables you to edit some of its fields.

You can also access the following configuration activities from this tab:

Item Description
Name The name of the Intent Flow. Clicking this field enables editing.
Status Draft or Approved. Approved Intent Flows are accessible for use by Jacada Interact clients.
Type Specifies the current Flow type.
Description Relevant notes, usually used to describe the purpose or audience for the Intent Flow. Clicking this field enables editing.
Last Time Modified The date and time when the Intent Flow was most recently updated.
Modified By The name of the user who last updated the Intent Flow.
Author The designer who originally published the Intent Flow.
Flow ID A string used to uniquely identify this Intent Flow. This string can be copied and sent to another user for access or review purposes.
Intents Mapped The name of the Intent which has been mapped to this Flow from the Domains page of the Intelligent Assistant. For more details, click here for DialogFlow or here for Watson.