An Intent Flow is a type of Interaction that is used exclusively with Jacada's Intelligent Assistant (IA). The Intent Flows page enables you to view and manage IA Intent Flows. You access the page from the left-side menu by selecting Resources > Intent Flows.

Note: You create new Intent Flows in the Web Designer. For details, click here.

The Intent Flows page lists all Intent Flows that have been published to the server, and provides basic information about each one.

Item Feature Description
1 Approve Button Enables changing a selected Intent Flow from Draft to Approved status. Select the checkbox to the left of the Flow name and click Approve. The most recent version of the Flow becomes the Approved version.

In order to Approve an earlier Draft version of the Flow, use the Version panel for the Flow.
2 Open in Designer Opens the selected Intent Flow in a new Web Designer browser window.
3 Search Box Enables searching the list of Intent Flows for names or descriptions that match any of the details entered.
4 Flow Details Provides quick details about each Intent Flow.

Click the Name of an Intent Flow to display more information on the Intent Flow Details page.

Intent Flow details can be sorted according to any column, in ascending or descending order.

From the Details page of a selected Intent Flow, you can also:

  • Assign Flow status of Approved or Draft as needed.
  • View, change the status of, or Delete a specific published version of the Flow.

Intent Flow Fallback

When you create a new IA Domain, Interact automatically creates a Fallback Intent Flow. The Fallback is invoked when the NLP Engine triggers an Intent in Interact that has not yet been associated with any Intent Flow.

You can view and edit this predefined Fallback flow in the list of Intent Flows for an IA Domain, however you cannot delete it.

For details on customizing the predefined Fallback flow for your needs, see Editing the Fallback Intent Flow.