The Parameter Resolver checks the parameters that have been provided by the user for achieving the Intent. It ensures that all parameter values which are required in order to execute the specified Intent Flow have been filled-in or otherwise supplied.

A required parameter is one which has been marked as required in an Intent, according to its definition in the NLP Engine. The Parameter Resolver does not examine the values of other, non-required parameters.

Note: The Parameter Resolver is a required element in order for the Intent Flow to execute properly. We recommend that you place this element in the flow before sending a Response to the user.

As a component of the Intent Flow, the Parameter Resolver knows precisely which parameters are needed by the Flow. The Resolver:

  1. Takes any needed parameters supplied when the Intent is triggered by the user;
  2. Determines whether one or more parameter values are still missing; and
  3. If needed, queries the NLP Engine to fill-in the missing values.
  4. Continues to query the NLP until all required parameters are received for use by the Intent Flow.

When all required parameters are present, the Parameter Resolver allows the Intent Flow to continue its execution.

Note: If a parameter is filled-in both by the Interact user and the NLP Engine, the Resolver will use the value provided by the NLP Engine.

You can add only one Parameter Resolver to any Intent Flow.

Adding a Parameter Resolver Element:

You add the Parameter Resolver when building or editing an Intent Flow, using the Parameter Resolver navigation logic step. A Parameter Resolver is indicated on the Interaction map by the symbol .

  1. From the Interaction map, right-click anywhere and select Add a Step, or hover over the step where you want to add the Parameter Resolver. The Navigation Logic menu is displayed.
  2. Hover over the Navigation Logic icon and select Parameter Resolver.

    The element is added to the Interaction Map.

    The Parameter Resolver is a block element and does not need any additional defining values.

Deleting a Parameter Resolver

  1. Open the Intent Flow containing the Parameter Resolver element that you wish to delete.
  2. From the Interaction map, right-click on the element and select Delete.

    A warning message opens.
  3. Click Yes. The Parameter Resolved element is deleted from the Interaction Map.