Like any Interaction, a published Intent Flow or its Draft versions can be deleted using the Admin Console.

Only Intent Flows that are in Draft status can be deleted. If you wish to delete an Approved Intent Flow or one of its versions, you must first revert it to Draft status. For more details, click here.

Note: Deleting a published Intent Flow does not delete any private copies that may still exist in the Web Designer.

Deleting the Whole Intent Flow

You can only delete an Intent Flow that is not currently being referenced by the IA.

  1. From the Intent Flows page of the Admin Console, click on the name of the Intent Flow you wish to delete. The Details panel for the selected Flow will be displayed.

    When the list is long, you can locate a specific Flow by entering a few letters from its name in the Search field.
  2. Click on Delete in the upper right corner:

    A confirmation message is displayed.

    Note: If you don't see an active Delete button, then you need to revert the Intent Flow back to Draft status, as mentioned above.
  3. Click Yes. The Intent Flow will be deleted.

Deleting an Intent Flow Version

For details on deleting a specific version of an Intent Flow, click here.