An Intent Flow is a conversation-driven flow, used exclusively with Jacada's Intelligent Assistant (IA). It supplies the essential data and logic that the IA needs in order to support chatbots for your users.

For more information about the IA, see How the Intelligent Assistant Works.

Note: The option to create or open an Intent Flow is available only after the Jacada IA has been enabled for your account. For details, click here.

Creating an Intent Flow

  1. From the Toolbar, click the File icon and select New. The Add New - Select Flow Type popup is displayed.
  2. Click Create Intent Flow. The Add New Intent Flow popup is displayed:

  3. In the Flow Name textbox, enter a unique name for your new Intent Flow. We recommend that Flow names include English characters (upper and/or lower case) and numbers (0-9) only.
  4. If you want, you can select the Intent that will be mapped to this flow. From the dropdown lists in the Select Intent section, select:
    • Domain. The IA Domain that will be associated with the Intent Flow.
    • Intent. The IA Intent that will be associated with the Intent Flow.
    Alternatively, you can create the Intent Flow now and assign an Intent later using the Admin Console. For more details, see Assigning an Intent Flow to an Intent.
  5. Click Create. The new Intent Flow is added to the File list, and the Flow Map displays the First Step prompt.

  6. Continue to define the new Intent Flow by adding navigation logic steps.
    Note: To execute properly, an Intent Flow must always end with either a Response Element or a Back to NLP Engine element.

    For information about basic Flow maintenance, click here.