Issues that have been resolved for Jacada Interact v9.3 are listed and described in the following table.

Bug ID Fix Description Ticket ID Resolved
in Release
IS-14892 Fixed Error message spelling (Norwegian). 9790 9.3.6
IS-14730 Remedied the reporting of non-existing conflicts when using the Allocator. 10182 9.3.6
Fixed null pointer exception sometimes generated when using default selection with Dynamic Choices. 10192 9.3.6
IS-14573 Fixed failure to retrieve Agent App history summary on some Flows in Runtime. 10119 9.3.5
IS-14544 Fixed exception occuring with Decisions that use a Collection of Custom Type variables in Web Designer. 10151 9.3.5
IS-14543 Fixed exception when using Navigation Button with no choice selection in Web Designer. 10177 9.3.5
IS-14542 Fixed issue with copying some table text elements using Control-C in Admin Console. 10171 9.3.6
IS-14519 Fixed exception when viewing Variable usage with the Solution Explorer in the Web Designer. 10143 9.3.5
IS-14512 Fixed runtime Integration Point failure when a response uses a Custom Type variable. 10175 9.3.5
IS-14412 Fixed failure to publish Interaction when using Web Designer with custom authentication. 10148
IS-14410 Fixed incorrect disabling of 'Next' button when all fields are valid in VIVR Purchase Flow. 10150 9.3.5
IS-14306 Fixed unwanted removal of trailing space character from Variable definition when using Web Designer. 10135 9.3.5
IS-14186 Fixed missing 'Done' indicator at the end of an Interaction when Navigation Button is used. 9875
IS-14157 Fixed exception error when attempting to edit an element that contains a deleted variable. 10117 9.3.5
IS-14143 Fixed HTTP 404 error when running an Interaction in the mobile launchpad. 10114 9.3.5
IS-14126 Fixed failure to store selected value when using Custom Type variable in Runtime. 9949
IS-14092 Fixed alphabetical display order of Selected Themes dropdown list in Admin Console. 10076 9.3.5
IS-14014 Fixed conflict notifications occuring in Web Designer when Iteraction and System Variables have not been modified. 10091 9.3.4
IS-14008 Fixed failure to load image resources when using a multi environment account. 9891 9.3.4
IS-14007 Fixed unwanted conversion of Hebrew text variables to UNICODE when using REST Integration Point. 9992 9.3.4
IS-14004 Fixed exception when attempting to edit Account Info page of Admin Console when using custom authentication. 10102
IS-13978 Remedied excessive time and data downloading requirements when opening Sub-Interaction combo boxes. 10089
IS-13970 Fixed differences in the order of columns between Excel and its query in the Admin Console when generating raw data. 10092 9.3.4
IS-13968 Fixed false license expiration indicator upon Admin Console login when using custom authentication. 10071 
IS-13967 Fixed unwanted empty tab shown when logging in to the Agent application. 10072 9.3.4
IS-13961 Fixed NLP Intent navigation failure when an Interaction has read-only variables. 10074 9.3.4
IS-13953 Clone: Fixed Web Designer login failure when custom authentication (Authlink) is used. 9898 9.3.4
IS-13944 Fixed Authlink group permissions issue when accessing Agent via LDAP. 10069 9.3.3
IS-13886 Fixed intermittent failure of connector option to display when hovering over a mapped element in the Web Designer. 10036 9.3.4
IS-13885 Remedied problems occuring when attempting to change System Admin password. 10057 9.3.4 
IS-13825 Fixed failure to save Page when attempting to add a validation question. 10047
IS-13814 Fixed reporting of HTML Error 410 instead of 404 when using certain APIs in multi environment mode. 10031 9.3.4
IS-13812 Remedied intermittent Web Designer crashes when opening certain Interactions. 9903 9.3.4
IS-13779 Fixed truncation of long variable names in Solution Explorer. 10030 9.3.4
IS-13765 Remedied occurrance of 'type error' when opening and adding a page to certain Web Designer Interactions (IE only). 10016 9.3.4
IS-13766 Fixed Web Designer exception errors that occur when using certain Interactions in Internet Explorer. 10014 9.3.4
IS-13763 Fixed failure of error log to report Tenant Name when an Agent session is closed by the System Admin. 10001 9.3.4
IS-13629 Fixed loss of object Allocations after two steps when making allocations with Text Input questions. 10004 9.3.4
IS-13591 Fixed display positioning issues when updating a page with Choice questions. 9597 9.3.4
IS-13494 Fixed inability to capture an Interaction after publishing it using the Interact Designer on-premises (legacy) version. 9990 9.3.4
IS-13407 Improved warning text when attempting to update a Resource that is being used in a published Interaction. 9941 9.3.5
IS-13390 Fixed runtime behavior inconsistencies when going back to an earlier Choice question that uses a Rule. 9898 9.3.3
IS-13336 Fixed inability to log into Web Designer using custom authentication (Authlink). 9898 9.3.3
IS-13105 Fixed runtime error that occurs when using Navigation Button with question validation flag turned off. 9915 9.3.4
IS-13103 Fixed runtime text mapping failure for Integration Points that use a Custom Type variable. 9911 9.3.4
IS-13095 Fixed issue with lost Custom Type variables when using the Navigation Button. 9907 9.3.4
IS-13079 Fixed VIVR page scrolling offset issue. 9888 9.3.4
IS-13058 Fixed long variable name display issue when listing autocomplete combo-box labels. 9605 9.3.2
IS-13023 Fixed 'read' issue when attempting to delete a choice option in a Multi-choice element. 9884 9.3.2
IS-13053 Fixed inconsistent behavior when returing to question when using Rules on a Choice question. 9882 9.3.4
IS-12949 Fixed incorrect disabling of Import button on Web Designer which prevented the import of multi-language zip files. 9862 9.3.1
IS-12947 Fixed automatic selection of Decision Point elements when using Multiple Choice questions on the Interact Designer legacy product, which caused runtime failures. 9873 9.3
IS-11944 Fixed mandatory field error that occurs if first (default) choice is auto-selected when using Dynamic Choice questions. 9716 9.3.4
IS-11894 Fixed reporting of wrong version of Web Designer. 9541 9.3.4
IS-11789 Remedied false exception error reporting in logs when Interaction times out. 9543 9.3.4
IS-11769 Fixed Quick View runtime section loading when an Interaction uses the Navigation Button. 9875 9.3.2
IS-11604 Fixed loss of Multiple Choice question Button texts when converting/upgrading an Interaction from Interact Version 6. 9644 9.3.4
IS-11054 Remedied poor Autosave performance issues when a large Interaction is used. 9586 9.3.3
IS-9895 Corrected Help Center screenshot showing the required login option for Zendesk Application (Admin Console). 9390 9.3.4
IS-9653 Corrected User Guide errors for configuring internal authentication of MongoDB. 9348 9.3.4
IS-8622 Fixed browser scrolling problem in Web Designer when using the Solution Explorer and Interactions. 9009 9.3.4