Major release features and capabilities include:

◼ Heat Map Reports

With Release 9.3, Interact introduces Heat Map reports, which display user journeys through an Interaction over a specified time period, so that you can analyze precisely how users finish (or abandon) the Interaction.

You'll find that Heat Map reports help you to easily and intuitively assess how an Interaction performs and which parts might be changed to improve user experience and efficiency.

The Heat Map shows you:

  • how many users started the Interaction flow and how many finished it;
  • which Pages received the most traffic and which were abandoned;
  • how many users clicked and completed a "Contact Us" activity; and
  • the amount of time spent by users on each Page.

For the current release, the Heat Map report provides a statistical Table View of user journeys. In forthcoming releases, we'll also provide a detailed Flow View of user journeys which will display Interaction flow as it was traveled (element-to-element), together with visual Heat Map cues.

For more details, see Heat Map Reports: Overview.