The Heat Map Report provides high-level Quick Stats showing key user activities for a selected Interaction Flow, displaying both aggregated numbers and percentages for each measured activity, as shown here.

The Quick Stats area at the top of the Report can also be used to instantly filter results in any of the report views, making it an easy way to locate specific Pages of interest by user activity.

Each Quick Stats circle can filter for a unique activity:

Applying a Quick Stats Filter

To apply one of the filters, simply hover over the circle for the desired statistic and click Filter.

Note: To remove any applied Filters and redraw the current report view, hover over the circle for the Started statistic (the leftmost circle) and click Clear.

After your select, current report view results will be recalculated and redrawn to display only those Pages where users performed the selected activity:

Minimizing the Quick Stats Filter Area

By default, a Heat Map Report view is always displayed with the Quick Stats area open. If you wish, you can minimize the Quick Stats display to provide more screen room for the body of the report view.

To minimize the Quick Stats display, simply toggle the area next to the Quick Stats heading at the top left: