Jacada's Intelligent Assistant (IA) provides complete, code-free fulfillment for today's Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines, enabling you to support real-time user chats and conversation-based transactions. With the IA, you can seamlessly integrate the latest Interact features together with the accumulated intelligence of your NLP engine to offer powerful client-side chatbot capabilities.

Jacada's IA lets you create and maintain all NLP components in your chosen NLP engine so you can continue to benefit from all of the latest NLP developments. The IA works as your fulfillment tool, synchronizing all NLP components and working transparently so that you can build Interact workflows and handle data as usual. You and your users benefit from the best of both worlds.

The IA uses a bot controller to create and maintain communications between end users, NLP engines and Interact Intent Flows, as shown in the diagram below.

This type of framework promotes the independent functioning of each component in the IA, making it possible to support the strengths of each, while also enabling tight functional integration between components.

  • Client-Side Logic is implemented by End User applications, which can include today's cloud-based tools, and offer continuous future development potential. No special programming or coding changes are required for the User to access the IA.
  • Business Logic is implemented by Interact using IA Intent Flows. Because Interact can use almost any type of external data source, it's also possible to fulfill a user request when it requires information that is maintained elswhere, for example, an airline or car booking agent, a product delivery service, or a weather data server.
  • NLP Logic is implemented by the chosen NLP engine, which can include the use of advanced as well as basic NLP tools. As above, this enables enrichment of the IA framework as today's NLP tool capabilities continue to evolve – and without the need for new programming or coding.