A Heat Map report displays the user journeys through an Interaction over a specified time period, so that you can analyze precisely how users finish (or abandon) the Interaction.

To produce a Heat Map, Interact collects anonymous data about user behavior during runtime and stores it in a database. User actions like moving between pages, clicking Back, Contact Us, or abandoning the Interaction are all recorded together with activity timings through the entire journey.

Displaying this data as a Heat Map report helps you to easily and intuitively assess how an Interaction is performing and which parts might be changed to improve user experience and efficiency.

The Heat Map shows you:

  • how many users started the Interaction flow and how many finished it;
  • which Pages received the most traffic and which were abandoned;
  • how many users clicked and completed a "Contact Us" activity; and
  • the amount of time spent by users on each Page.

Report details include the selected Interaction, its referenced sub-Interactions and any Pages that are linked to Navigation Buttons.

Heat Map reports provide two different viewing modes to assist you in better understanding user behavior:

  • Flow View. Graphically displays the user journey from Page to Page, enabling you to dynamically visualize the proportions of traffic through each Page.
  • Table View. Lists all Pages in a table. This view provides statistics at a glance for each Page.

Like other Interact reports, the Heat Map report can be exported as raw data to a CSV file for additional analysis.

About Heat Map Report Statistics

A high-level Quick Stats area appears at the top of the Report with a visual performance summary for the Interaction, displaying both aggregated numbers and percentages for each measured activity.

  • An Interaction is counted as Finished when a user:
    • clicked Done;
    • reached the last page in a flow; or
    • arrived at a Page that is set as a Finish element.
  • An Interaction is counted as Abandoned when a user:
    • didn't perform any action on a specific page to move on (forward or backward) in the flow;
    • clicked on a Contact Us element or menu, but did not perform a channel action (i.e., a call, chat, email, etc.) from there.
  • A Interaction is counted as Contact Us when a user:
    • clicked on a Contact Us element or menu, performed a channel action (i.e., a call, chat, email, etc.) from there, and did not continue with the Interaction.

About the View Types

Two tabs located at the upper left of the Report enable you to select either Flow or Table Views for display:

Flow View

The Flow View uses a using a Sankey diagram to graphically display the user activity flow between Pages in the Interaction, using variable flow widths to reveal the relative amount of activity for each Page. It also enables you to select individual flows for dynamic exploration of the diagram and its data. Hovering on a Page shows the key statistics for that Page.

For more details about using the Heat Map Flow View, click here.

Table View

The Table View lists statistics by each individual Page, sorted initially by highest-to-lowest rate of Abandoned activity. You can easily see and sort the collected data for all Interaction activity. A Search box at the upper right of the table enables you to locate a specific Page by entering a few letters from its name.

For more details about using the Heat Map Table View, click here.

For details on creating a Heat Map report, refer to Creating a Heat Map Report.

For details on how to run the Heat Map Report, refer to the Heat Map Report section of Running Reports.

For details on exporting Heat Map Report results, refer to Exporting Heat Map Reports.