You add Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Interact using pre-defined services which are maintained in a dedicated RPA Package, accessed from Admin Console.

A RPA Package is a compressed ZIP file containing:

  • DLLs that expose web services associated with the RPA
  • auto-generated manifest file

Note: A RPA Package can be added only in DEV or TEST environments.

To add a RPA Package to Interact:

  1. Click on RPA Package in the Resources section of the Admin Console. The RPA Package page will be displayed.
  2. If this is the first time you are adding a RPA Package in your account, click on Upload a RPA Package.

    If you're updating an existing Package, click Update Package.
    Note: Uploading overwrites the existing Package and can possibly create conflicts.

    The Upload RPA Package dialog will be displayed.
  3. Click Browse and select the RPA Package to add:

  4. Optionally, in the Comment field, add one or more remarks to describe the Package and its contents.
  5. Click Upload. The selected Package will be uploaded to the Admin Console. You can exit the operation at anytime without uploading by clicking Cancel.

    When uploading is finished, a completion banner is displayed at the top of the page and the new or updated Details and Services can be viewed for the Package:

For details on viewing, searching and editing the Details and Services of a RPA Package, click here.


Handling Upload Failures

An upload can fail due to one of the following reasons:

  • the RPA Package does not contain a manifest, or
  • the RPA Package contains an invalid manifest.

You will need to determine the precise reason for the failure and and correct it before the Package can be uploaded to Interact.


Handling Conflicts

When updating an existing RPA package, conflicts may be detected.

A conflict occurs when one or more of the Service methods in the package has been modified or removed.

When a conflict is detected, a message will display information about which Flows are affected and ask whether you want to continue with the upload process, as in the example below:

Click on a Flow in the Conflicts message to open it in the Web Designer. The open the Conflicts Center to resolve issues which are causing the conflict.