Interact automation solutions include Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities that use our time-tested Jacada Integration and Automation (JIA) platform.

By integrating JIA with the Interact Web Designer, we enable users to compose business flows using pre-defined automation blocks.

When you add RPA Steps to your Interact Flows, you add new capabilities to business workflows that transparently automate your desktop apps and backoffice operations, making your operations run more quickly and easily.

Note: Before you can begin using Jacada's RPA capabilities, RPA Services need to be enabled for your account.

How Interact Delivers RPA

JIA is Jacada's RPA engine. You add RPA Methods created in JIA to your Interact Flows in order to execute Calls from your automation Bots.

To activate a specific RPA Method to your Flow, you simply add it using an RPA Step.

You also use Interact to monitor all Bot operations and perform a detailed analysis of your account activities over time. The RPA Monitor provides selectable views and filters that allow you to pinpoint any execution errors, as well as improve RPA performance.

Basic Workflow for Using Interact RPA

  1. Add or edit the RPA Services and Methods in JIA and build the RPA Package. (For detailed information, refer to the JIA 3.0 Developer Guide.)
  2. Upload the RPA Package to Interact using the Admin Console.

  3. In your Web Designer Flows, add RPA Steps that use the desired RPA Methods with your JIA Bots.
  4. During runtime, Interact executes the RPA Steps, sending call requests to the JIA Bots. You monitor these calls using the RPA Monitor in the Admin Console.