After you add a RPA Package, you can view its Services and Methods.

Since RPA Packages are created and maintained outside of Interact, you are not able to make changes to Package elements themselves. However, for added control over what a user sees, you can edit some of the name and description fields that are associated with a Package, as described below.

  1. Click on RPA Package in the Resources section of the Admin Console. The RPA Package page will be displayed.
  2. View the current Package version details in the Details section. You can see its version number (incremented automatically at the time of upload), the user who uploaded it, the date of the upload, and comments associated with this Package version.
  3. View all Package components in the Services section. To view more details, click the name of a specific service. The selected Service page will be displayed, showing all its component Methods and metadata.

    The Methods list is initially sorted in alphabetical order by Display Name. To change the list's sort order, click on the column heading of another field and choose an ascending or descending arrow.
  4. The Display Name of a Method is the name that will be shown in the Web Designer. If desired, you can edit the Display Name and the Description metadata fields for a selected Service. To edit a metadata field, hover over the field and click on the edit icon that appears to enter a new value:


    When you are finished editing the field, click the Checkmark icon to save your changes. You can exit the operation at anytime without saving by clicking the 'X' icon.
    Note: Your changes will be preserved whenever you edit the metadata for a Package component, even if you subsequently update the Package.

About the RPA Package Page

Item Feature Description
1 Package Version The current Package version number (incremented automatically at the time of the upload), the name of the user who performed the upload, the date of the upload, and any comments associated with it.
2 Services The Services that are incliuded in this RPA Package.
3 Update Package Button Click to upload a new Package version.
4 Search Box Enables searching the names and descriptions in the current Services table.

About the RPA Services Page

Item Feature Description
1 Service Name The name of the currently viewed Service.
2 Service Details The current Service's associated DLL source, Display Name and Description.

You can edit the content of the Display Name and Description fields.
3 Methods The list of Methods created for use by the current Service (sorted by default in alphetical order), including Display Name, Method internal name and Description.

You can edit the content of the Display Name field.
4 Search Box Enter a few letters from a Display Name or a Description to search the current table and display all Services that match.