Major release features and capabilities include:

◼ Navigation Button Enhancement

  • Page Validation Option. When designing a Page with the Navigation Button, it is now possible to require validation of the current Page before the user jumps to the target Interaction Page.

    This option brings more flexibility when designing the flow from one Interaction to another.

For details, see Navigation Buttons: Jump to Other Pages and Interactions.


◼ Deployment Wizard Enhancements

Continuing with our wizard upgrades, when deploying environments, you can now review the following items in the Summary page, before confirming deployment:

  • A searchable list of all Interactions that will be deleted from the Destination Environment when the deployment is performed.
  • Searchable lists of all Interactions and Applications that will be part of the environment following the deployment.

These enhancements enable you to be completely sure of which elements will be in the environment following the deployment.

For details, see Performing Deployment in a Multi Environment Account, Exporting and Importing Account Resources, and Multi Environment: Managing Snapshots and Rollbacks.