Major release features and capabilities include:

◼ Intelligent Assistant (IA) Enhancements

  • Upload Training Sentences. It is now possible to upload a prepared list of training phrases to the IA in a CSV-formatted text file. After uploading, the NLP engine can analyse each phrase to suggest the related Intent and Entities found.

    For detailed information, see Uploading Sentences for IA Training.

  • Chatbot User Input is Stored as Custom Type. All user input to an IA chatbot is now stored for use at anytime in a Custom Type field named after its Intent. The information stored includes the user input phrase and the NLP engine response, including the probability that a user request matches the current Intent.

    For detailed information, see Adding the Intelligent Assistant to an Interaction.

  • Delete Entities. You can now delete an Entity when it is not being referenced by any Intents. For detailed information, see Creating, Editing and Deleting Entities.


◼ New Deployment Wizard

We've upgraded our wizard to enable deployment of full environments quickly and easily.

  • On multi environment platforms, you can transfer complete environments with just a few clicks – including all related Interactions, Applications and the various sub-components that they use.

    Alternatively, you can export and import any elements and components that you select using .zip files.

    For information about deploying on multi environment platforms, see Performing Deployment in the Multi Environment Setting.

    You can also quickly deploy complete snapshots from the Snapshot History page, or export them to .zip files.

    For information about deploying snapshots, see Multi Environment: Managing Snapshots and Rollbacks.

  • On single environment platforms, you can select and transfer any or all environment elements. The wizard will automatically identify and include related sub-components (you have the option to de-select specific unwanted sub-components as well).

    For information about deploying on single environment platforms, see Exporting and Importing Account Resources.

◼ Snapshot History for All Environments

Snapshot histories can now be viewed for DEV and TEST (unlocked) environments, as well as the PROD environment.

For detailed information, see Multi Environment: Managing Snapshots and Rollbacks.