You can upload external lists of prepared sentences for analysis by the NLP engine at anytime.

This option enables you to easily assemble input sentences from other data sources and add them to the IA, to improve its accuracy in understanding user requests.

When you upload an external list, the sentences are added to the list of sentences that appears on the Training page. Like all inputs on the Training page, although the NLP engine can propose an assignment, uploaded sentences need to be reviewed by you for approval and actual assignment to their relevant Intents.

Preparing the List of Sentences

Prepare the external sentences as a CSV file using a standard spreadsheet application:

  • Each uploaded file should provide sentences in one language only.
  • Place all sentences in a single column.
  • The first row is reserved for use as the column heading and will not be imported.
  • Save the file in CSV format to your upload location.

Uploading the Sentences to the IA

  1. Open the Training page for the Domain to which you want to add external sentences and click Upload Training Sentences near the top left of the page:

    The Import Training Sentences dialog is displayed:

  2. From the drop down menu, select the language to be used by the NLP engine to analyse your sentences.
  3. Click Choose File to browse for the CSV file that you wish to import. When you have selected the file, click Open.

    By default, the uploaded sentences will be analyzed by the NLP engine automatically upon import. If you do not want the NLP engine to analyze these sentences, then uncheck the Automatically resolve sentences by NLP engine checkbox.
  4. Click Import to upload your selected CSV file to the Training page. You can exit the operation at anytime without importing the file by clicking Cancel.

    During import a progress screen appears, and upon completion a confirmation message will be displayed.

    The new sentences will now be listed on the Training page of the Domain.

Reviewing and Approving Uploaded Sentences

Like all inputs that appear on the Training page, you need to review each new sentence to confirm assignment to a relevant Intent. For more information, see Training the Intelligent Assistant.

Use the filtering option on the Training page to view uploaded sentences that require review.

Note: Uploaded sentences do not appear in the IA Activity Log.