Major release features and capabilities include:

◼ Dynamic Flow Diagrams Added to Heat Map Report

The Heat Map Report now provides an interactive Flow View, using a Sankey diagram to graphically display the user journey from Page to Page.

You can use the Flow View to dynamically analyze the traffic through each Page and determine which parts of a flow might be changed to improve user experience and efficiency.

Heat Maps provide detailed statistics for all runtime user activities and movement in the selected Interaction and related sub-Interactions. Data from the Heat Map report can be used to measure the effectiveness and usability of Interactions, and provide the basis for ongoing analytics.

For details on using the Heat Map Report, see the Heat Map Reports Overview.

For details on using the new Flow View, see Understanding the Heat Map Flow View.


◼ Use Variables in Paragraph Element Hyperlinks

You can now insert a variable into a hyperlink that is used in a Paragraph element.

Variables can be inserted in both the display text and the URL field of a hyperlink. Simply enter '@' to open the Variable list when defining the hyperlink and select (or create) the desired variable using the autocomplete menu.

During runtime, the Paragraph will display the value of the variable that was referenced in the hyperlink:


For details, click here.