Congratulations! You are about to use Jacada Interact Flows to greatly enhance your service offerings at call centers, on websites, and on your customers' mobile devices.

Flows provide you, your agents and your customers with menu-driven, conversation-driven, and robotic process-driven interaction and transaction capabilities, all based on Jacada's web-based, intuitive, code-free platform.

Working with Jacada Interact's Web Designer, you can create and maintain different types of Flows:

  • Interaction Flows. Menu-driven workflows that use both visual and logical elements to interact directly with a user and help to achieve their goals. For complete details on creating Interaction Flows, click here.
  • Intent Flows. Conversation-driven workflows that connect via business logic with Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines and chatbots to communicate directly with a user and help to achieve their goals. For complete details on creating Intent Flows, click here.
  • Service Flows. Process-driven workflows that support offline and back-office activities and can be executed concurrently with other Flows. For complete details on creating Service Flows, click here.
  • Data Flows. Data-driven workflows that simplify real-time access to data from outside of Interact, for example by other applications or back-office activities. For complete details on creating Data Flows, click here.

Interact Flows support user and variable-based decisions, pre-defined rules, events, robotic process automation, and real-time integration with external data sources.

You design Flows using sequential elements called steps which are joined together by lines called connectors. Any Flow step can be connected to one or more other steps, depending on how you design workflow logic. A Flow can contain links to other Flows (called Sub-flows) to provide maximum real-time process flexibility or simplify maintenance.

As you'll see, Flows provide unlimited capabilities for building powerful, intelligent, intuitive, user-oriented services.