Issues that have been resolved for Jacada Interact v9.0 are listed and described in the following table.

Bug ID Fix Description Ticket ID
IS-11705 Fixed Agent App Quick View loading issue on Interaction end. 9678
IS-11541 Fixed invalid conflict message occurance. 9573
IS-11308 Fixed occasional occurance of detached connectors appearing after migration is performed. 9633
IS-11225 Restored ability to uncheck 'Required Field' option when multiple paths choices are used, due to Navigation Button issue. 9578
IS-11186 Fixed display of Remove Button when mapping a REST response for Custom Type. 9603
IS-11180 Fixed addition of extra parameters when using code in Paragraph element of Editor. 9621
IS-11074 Fixed Aggregated Report count issue on cloned Interactions. 9576
IS-11052 Fixed cursor issue when using symbols in the editor. 9582
IS-11041 Fixed dropped data issue when using Voice Proxy API. 9535
IS-11026 Version details are now supported in the new Web Designer. 9541
IS-11017 Fixed unwanted loading of VIVR Launchpad upon publishing. 9570
IS-11009 Fixed VDI Designer launching from current window. 9572
IS-10958 Fixed missing option to add variable reference in Web Designer. 9539
IS-10957 Fixed implementation of variable reference as a placeholder in runtime. 9539
IS-10946 Restored ability to set the order of varset variables in Web Designer. 9551
IS-10696 Added Phobos support for FTP NPM packages. 9497
IS-10678 Fixed rich text rendering issue in Agent runtime. 9473
IS-9836 Fixed occasional deleted connector reconnection issue in Web Designer. 9584
IS-9091 Fixed occurances of missing header "Environment-Name" in API documentation. 9227