New Product

◼ Introducing the Intelligent Assistant

The Intelligent Assistant virtual agent Chatbot creates conversation-like interactions with the user, saving everyone time and energy.

Combining the power of built-in Natural Language Processing (NLP), complex flows, and integration with external sources, the Intelligent Assistant is able to understand the intentions of a user and translate these into actionable transactions. The result is that users can get more quickly to their goals, often without need for intervention by an agent.

You can operate multiple Chatbots simultaneously, each with its own Domain and each accessing different workflows. The Chatbots can be designed and trained to recognize very specific user intents and needs, providing a natural and intuitive way to increase your digital-based transactions.

The Intelligent Assistant also supports multiple input languages for your Chatbots concurrently.

Here's how the Intelligent Assistant might appear in action when part of a web-based Customer Support Center:

Note: The IA needs to be set up specifically for each Interact account. Contact your Jacada Support representative to get started.

For a detailed overview of Jacada's Intelligent Assistant, see How the Intelligent Assistant Works.


Major release features and capabilities include:

◼ Choices Enhancements

  • The Yes/No choice element now enables use of a List of Buttons Display format for presenting questions to the user in runtime, in addition to the Switch and Radio Button formats already available:

    When using the List of Buttons in runtime, the Designer now enables the user to proceed directly to the next page, if desired. With this option activated, the workflow will continue to the following page in the Interaction after a Button is selected, without the need to click 'Next'.

For detailed information, see Yes/No Questions.