Before you can begin communicating with your client-side chatbots, your Jacada System Admin needs to set up the Intelligent Assistant (IA) Natural Language Processor engine for your account.

Enabling the Intelligent Assistant

  1. From the Admin Console Intelligent Assistant menu, select Domains. If the Enable IA splash panel is displayed as below, contact your Jacada System Admin or sales representative to complete the process.

  2. If you or the Admin have already created key NLP components in the Dialogflow NLP engine, you can begin working immediately. For details on how the Jacada IA integrates with the Dialogflow NLP engine, see How the Intelligent Assistant Works.

Viewing Account IA Settings

Once your IA account is Enabled, you'll be able to view IA Settings.

  1. From the Admin Console Intelligent Assistant menu, select Domains. The Account Domains page will be displayed.

    The figure above shows how IA Settings appear before you have added any Domains for your account. (For details on adding a new IA Domain, click here.)

    If Account Domains have already been created, you will see them listed here.
    Note: A Domain that appears on this page has already been configured in the Dialogflow NLP engine.
  2. To view settings for a Domain, click on the '>' to the left of its name. To view details of the NLP components for a Domain, click on Details to the right of its name.

For more information on designing Jacada's Intelligent Assistant for your account, see How the Intelligent Assistant Works.

About the IA Account Domains Page

The following diagram and table provide a guide to the IA Domains page.

Item Element Description
1 Domain Name A unique name for the Domain.
2 Default Language The language configured as the default for use with the Domain.
3 Developer Token A unique key that enables synchronization between Interact and the NLP engine.
4 Sync Button Performs a synchronization to make all components of the Jacada IA and the NLP engine match. The exact time of the last successful sync is displayed also. For more details, click here.
5 Details Button Displays all current components (i.e., Entities and Intents) for the selected Domain. For details, click here.
6 Delete Button Deletes the selected Domain. For details, click here.