Before you can begin creating virtual agent chatbots, your Jacada Support Representative needs to set up the Intelligent Assistant (IA) for your account.

Enabling the Intelligent Assistant

If you do not yet have the IA, you can request it using the Admin Console:

  1. From the Admin Console Intelligent Assistant menu, select Domains. The Enable IA splash panel will appear:

  2. Click the Enable IA Capabilities button. An email will be generated and displayed for your approval. 
  3. Send the email to Jacada Support and a Jacada representative will contact you to begin setting up your IA. You'll need to provide the representative with basic information about your goals for using the IA for the most effective setup.
  4. After your IA account has been set up, you'll be notified by Jacada Support.

Viewing Account IA Settings

Once Jacada Support notifies you that your IA account is enabled, you'll be able to view IA Settings.

  1. From the Admin Console Intelligent Assistant menu, select Domains. The Account Domains page will be displayed.
  2. Each Domain that appears on the page was created by the System Admin according to your requirements. View a Domain's settings by clicking on the '>' next to its name.

For details on designing Jacada's Intelligent Assistant for your account, see How the Intelligent Assistant Works.

About the IA Account Domains Page

The following diagram and table provide a guide to the IA Domains page.

Item Element Description
1 Domain Name A unique name for the Domain.
2 Domain Languages The languages available for use with the Domain.
3 Developer Key A unique key that was assigned by the System Admin. A key is assigned for each language that is used in the Domain.
4 Edit Opens the Domain Editor for design, testing and training the selected Domain.