Jacada's Intelligent Assistant (IA) is an interactive virtual agent that can solve the user's problem. The IA is a customer service bot framework that easily integrates with Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines.

Our IA uses Interact business logic capabilities to communicate directly with NLP engines and with end users. Your user enters a free text request that naturally describes what they want to do, and the IA does the needed behind-the-scenes work to support fulfillment activities for the request.

With access to all of the powerful features of Interact (robotic process automation, multiple flows, rules-based decisions, events handling, integration with external data sources, multimodality, etc.) the IA is able to perform complex transactions and get requests resolved faster all without need for intervention by a support agent.

Here's what the Intelligent Assistant might look like when used in a web-based Customer Support Center:

You can operate multiple Intelligent Assistant Domains simultaneously, each with its own framework and each accessing different Intent Flows, according to your service needs.

Note: The Intelligent Assistant needs to be set up specifically for each Interact account. Contact your Jacada Support representative to get started.