Major features and capabilities include:

◼ Choices Enhancements

  • The Choices element in Web Interaction Designer now enables new Display formats for presenting questions to the user in runtime:

    For detailed information, see Choices Display Options.

  • Added Simple Menu functionality. Using the List of Buttons or Buttons Matrix Display format options will duplicate this capability, which was previously part of the Visual Page Menu option.
  • Multiple Selection by a user (selection of more than one answer) is now enabled for both Regular and Dynamic Choices. For detailed information, see Getting Started with Choice Questions.


◼ Delete Interaction Version

The Web Interaction Designer now enables you to delete a selected version of an Interaction. As with the existing functionality, the Deletion is performed from the Admin Console. An Approved version cannot be deleted.

For detailed information, see Deleting Interactions


◼ UI/UX Enhancements

  • Two-Level Menus. In the Web Designer, the Menu option of the Visual Page context menu has been renamed to Two-Level Menu and now creates only two-tiered selection menus. The Simple Menu functionality which was previously available here is now integrated within Display options of the Choices element.
  • New Launch Design Button. In the Admin Console, a Launch Designer icon button was created and also added to the top Toolbar:

    For detailed information, see Admin Console Home Page.