Issues that have been resolved for Jacada Interact v8.7 are listed and described in the following table.

Bug ID Fix Description Ticket ID
IS-10193 Fixed error when attempting to extend Navigation Button. 9,438
IS-10191 Corrected the display of account time zone in Date Range column of Raw Reports. 9,405
IS-10000 Fixed error on loading of NLP Integration Point in old Designer. 9,425
IS-9928 Enabled Admin ability to delete an existing NLP Domain. 9,404
IS-9819 Fixed chopped rendering of Export button and graph axis when opening the Dashboard view. 9,265
IS-9818 Fixed highlighting of Interaction Map element when it is off-screen during simulator run. 9,369
IS-9816 Fixed 'saveAndContinueEntry' index issue on full collection for Report scans. 9,264
IS-9778 Fixed chopped paragraph rendering on line breaks for some texts. 9,311
IS-9614 Added reference to handling of old CSS themes based on JQuery in Help Desk article. 9,339
IS-9312 Updated support information on certified browsers in Release Notes and On-Premises documentation. 9,294
IS-8657 Corrected LDAP process diagram for secured Interactions in Help Center article. 9,059
IS-7397 Updated example API version references in Help Center articles. 8,659