Major features and capabilities include:

◻ Natural Language Processing (NLP) Capabilities – AVAILABLE IN CLOUD ONLY

Web Designer Interactions can now make use of advanced NLP services. A standard, built-in Integration Point is used to enable state-of-the-art NLP.

◻ Personalized Menus and Choices

The Web Designer now has a new Rules feature that adds flow personalization according to the needs of the current Interaction. The feature enables you to hide or display choices that are used in single selection questions and simple menus.

For example, you may want to present a specific choice only to a premium customer, or hide a choice from users on specific days of the week.

The Rules capability for choices and menus uses a new Rules Editor which will bring additional Interaction flow personalization in coming releases.

◻ Clone Interactions

The Web Designer now enables you to duplicate an existing Interaction, together with all of its elements, for use as the basis for a new Interaction. The cloned Interaction will not be dependent on the original Interaction.

◻ Enhanced Date Variable Operators

New Date type variable operators have been added for use when creating Menus, Choices and Decisions. The operators enable you to determine whether a parameter value:

  • falls between specified dates,
  • falls between specified hours (valid for use with the Internal value 'Current Date' and System variable 'Time Stamp'),
  • is equal to a specified day of the week (for example, Monday).

◻ Web Designer UI/UX Enhancements

Addition or improvement of the following elements:

  • Switching Between Preview and Solution Explorer. After using the the Solution Explorer, the user can return to the current Preview and the Interaction will be at the same step as it was before the tabs were switched.
  • Scroll Bar Addition. When an Interaction map exceeds the size of the current window, scroll bars will appear to enable navigation in the Interaction without the need for dragging. The dragging remains enabled.
  • Popup Design. Popups in the UI have been redesigned to improve clarity.
  • Tool Tips. Tool tips were added to elements in the Solution Explorer and other Web Designer elements to improve clarity.

◻ Additional Enhancements for this Release

  • Win 2012 Server Certification. Interact is now fully tested and certified for compatibility with the Windows 2012 Server.
  • Tomcat 8.0.39 Software Upgrade. Interact now operates with Apache Tomcat® Version 8.0.39.