As they discover its business value, more enterprises are seeking the best methods to increase visual IVR adoption activities. The Deflected Calls Report is one of the most effective tools for discovering how to move customers to VIVR and reduce service calls.

Call deflection metrics measure the movement of customer service calls from live call centers to automated channels in order to provide more productive service and a more satisfying customer experience. For our purposes, call deflection measures how customers adopt VIVR and do not need to return to IVR (or a service representative).

Note:  The Deflected Calls Report requires data from APIs which collect detailed metrics of VIVR activities. For more information about setting up these APIs, see Deflected Calls Report APIs: Overview.

About the Deflected Calls Report

Deflected Calls reporting enables you to track the user's journey step-by-step as they use IVR, and analyze your success. The Deflected Calls Report provides all the information you need to understand how well your Interactions and Campaigns are being adopted and deflecting calls:

  • VIVR usage and success tracking
  • SMS messages sent, including those by external providers
  • Amount and percentage of users who complete each phase
  • Abandon rates for each phase
  • Post-VIVR callback rates

The Deflected Calls Report funnel visually summarizes VIVR user adoption and call deflection rates, as well as those Phases where users abandoned the process. An example Deflected Calls Report diagram appears below, followed by an explanation for each component. (Click on the diagram to enlarge it.)

  • At the top of the report is a high-level summary showing a summary of incoming versus deflected calls.
  • At left, the report is divided into Phases, with raw call counts summarized for each.
  • Hovering over a Phase displays details about customers entering and abandoning the Phase.
  • Clicking on the  next to a Phase shows additional details about the Phase.
  • At right, the funnel diagram visually depicts the overall completion rate for each Phase, along with its abandon rate.
Phase Description
Incoming Calls The number of incoming calls to IVR
LookUp The number of times the carrier lookup table was queried to determine if a caller is using a mobile phone
VIVR Suggested The number of callers who received suggestion to get VIVR link
VIVR SMS Sent (Opt-In) The number of callers who received an SMS with VIVR link
SMS Clicked The number of callers who clicked on the VIVR link in the SMS
Started Interaction The number of callers who started the Interaction
Deflected Calls The number of callers who received an answer and didn’t call back to the IVR in the period assigned for the current report. (The default period is 24 hours.)

For details on creating a Deflected Calls report, refer to Creating a Deflected Calls Report.

For details on viewing and exporting report results, refer to Viewing and Exporting Deflected Calls Reports.

For details on how to run the Deflected Calls Report, refer to the Deflected Calls Report section of Running Reports.